Summer 2014

Dear Hearts,

After a quiet year of spiritual re-vamping and new visions for life, I have at last found a pretty perfect balance of travel and home. With a gentle home by the ocean in Ireland and my family close by, life has yielded a beautifully balanced experience that the true Libran in me just loves!

This Summer I spent time celebrating the Old Celtic Festivals through many fire ceremonies at my cottage home. As you can imagine this ignited inside me that Ancient Celtic Queen once more in a way I had been yearning for for quite some time. Despite my glorious adventure in Canada and North America for the preceding 5 years, I just knew that it was time to go home and grow some roots! So here I AM and I love it!

A New Direction: Angelic Coaching

As many of you know, my love for the Angelic Realms is huge and so this year I finally launched a new Healing Service to honour this great Kingdom and My passion for them. I see that for us as humans to develop and spend time in maturing our relationship with our Guardian Angel is just one of the Greatest Investments we can make in our Life Journey. Why, why, why, don’t we invest in this eternally loving and supremely intelligent Personal Manager that Life Itself granted each and every one of us. Imagine there is a Winged One who has been watching over us from the day we were born? Isn’t that thought alone just pretty amazing? Perhaps they might just know a thing or two about our dreams and dilemmas! Pity we don’t ask more, they tell me.

So people ask, “What might I expect to experience in a Personalised Angelic Reading?”

Every reading varies, as it should, and is tailored to match the consciousness of the client before me. Common themes dance through the various aspects of our lives: Family, Soul Contracts, Learnings, Choices, Opportunities, Health, and always include vibrant descriptions of new ways for clients to develop and strengthen their direct 1-1 connection with their Guardian Angel. This of course a very rich experience for many and I love to use my inner gifts to listen, report and translate where necessary the strong prompts our Beautiful Guardians offer.

I love my work; I love these sessions; I love the feedback too and I intend to expand this service further afield as of the Autumn. From October 1st, readings are available world wide via Skype and FaceTime. To book an appointment or for further inquiry please contact Angelic Coaching at U.k Tel: 07704044057 or hagandenise@gmail.com ( North America – 011447704044057 )

There’s still Music in Air: Summer 2014 Gigs and Events

Between these Angelic Sessions, I am packing my suitcase again to set off for three beautiful gigs this Summer:

1) A Deep Dive Heart Intelligence Retreat in Fiery Spain with the Dynamic Christian Pankhurst

2) A Glorious Congress in the Royal Tetons, Wyoming, USA with the Beloved Patricia Cota Robles

3) A Mighty Celtic Festival in the Heart of New England, Home of my Maternal Family.

For further details on any of these events, please email me at hagandenise@gmail.com

Blessings for now …..Denise